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Sell Fast Louisiana vs Real Estate Agents

Home sellers should always evaluate their choices. Even in a strong seller’s market, it’s impossible to totally rule out the possibility of falling victim to dishonest buyers. The obvious benefit of selling through a realtor is receiving higher bids. Experienced sellers understand, though, that receiving high offers is not everything. Consequently, there are a few more factors to think about before selecting a solution. We’ll be comparing the advantages and disadvantages of two sales techniques subsequently. Take a look!

Selling with A Real Estate Agent

SOLD To Sell Fast Louisiana

Commissions / Charges As the seller, you have to pay the agent a 5% to 10% commission. no fees or commissions or costs of any kindNO Fees Or Commissions
Who Pays Closing Costs? You are responsible for a 2% average closing cost. we cover all closing costsWe cover closing costs and all other expenses.
Who Handles Repairs? Both parties negotiate repairs before the sale. we handle all repairsWe bear the cost of repairs, cater to problematic tenants and handle the cleaning.
Appraisal Needed The success of the sale depends on valuations and appraisals. no appraisalsAppraisals will not be necessary. We’ll buy your house as-is.
Inspection & Financing Contingencies: The sale of your property might flop if the buyer fails to secure finance or the house fails inspection. no contingenciesThere’ll be no need for contingencies as we’ll buy your house as-is and pay you after closing the sale.
Who markets the property? Ads, mailers, property website, staging no marketing or advertisingNO Marketing
Number of Showings Have to host dozens of showings before you can secure a deal. no walkthroughs or heavy traffic showingsWe inspect your property once with our team.
Average Days Until Sold 30-120 Days fast closing3-30 Days
Closing Date Closing is scheduled to occur at a date of the buyer’s choosing. convenient closing dateYou can close the sale at your earliest convenience.

We Buy All Types Of Houses

It is common to come across property owners who think their home or the circumstances surrounding its sale are the worst. They view their issues as being particularly “over the top.” And this is often the situation when they deal with probate, mortgage, foreclosure, or tenant concerns. Sadly, most sellers are unaware that no problem is too complex for us to solve, and no piece of property is too damaged for us to handle. So we’ll buy your Louisiana house exactly as-is and make the payment worthwhile for you. Unfortunately, we may not be able to provide you with the full retail value of your home. But unlike the greatest realtors, we provide several benefits.

Our record transacting speed is one of these benefits. We can conclude your sale seven days after your acceptance of our offer. Additionally, we are willing to pace ourselves if seven days seems like too much of a rush so that the closing can happen as soon as it is convenient for you. Of course, we are willing to talk with you and answer all of your inquiries. We will inform you of all the possible sales options before letting you make your decision. You may rest assured that if you choose us, you won’t ever have to pay for repairs. We will take over the property’s burden as soon as you accept our offer.

Get your free offer when you complete the form below. If you have questions regarding how we buy houses, call us at 504-420-7700. Or, read our FAQs.

    We buy LOUISIANA properties regardless of their current condition

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    *Inspection contingency: If the property is in poor condition, the buyer can drop out of the purchase agreement.

    * Financing contingency: Avails the buyer an option to drop out of the deal if they cannot come up with the necessary finances to fund the sale. This frequently happens when a house does not appraise at the price offered.  

    Sell Fast Louisiana does not employ bank financing, so you can rest assured that we are capable of financing our offers.