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How We Buy Houses
in Louisiana

We present homeowners in Louisiana with reasonable offers. We purchase houses as-is. Also, you won’t be required to pay commissions or realtor costs. Enjoy a smooth sale with our no-obligation offer right away as we buy houses Louisiana!


    We purchase properties within Louisiana WITHOUT MINDING THE DEFECTS IN THEM. Let us send a competitive offer to you TODAY! Fill out the form below or contact us at (504) 420-7700.

    Our Process We Use when Making Property Purchases

    step one selling process

    You furnish us with some fundamental details about your property.

    step two selling process

    We will contact you to set up a meeting.

    step three selling process

    We will present you with a reasonable, no-pressure offer.

    step four selling process

    If you accept our proposal, we will close the sale within seven days.

    What to anticipate from us and when: Since we transact at a fast speed, you should anticipate hearing from us a few hours after submitting your offer. If your email has enough specifics, we’ll send you an offer without conducting any further research. However, if we require more details regarding your property, we’ll get in touch with you and provide you with a reasonable offer. We’ll strive to complete the sale within a week after all the specifics are worked out, and you’ve accepted our offer. And you’ll receive your cash payment in three to thirty days.
    the easy way to sell a house

    Selling Your Property Is Quick And Easy

    Selling a property in Louisiana is now less complicated than before. With our services, you can now sell your property easily and directly. We have successfully eliminated the role of third-party players like realtors in property sales. As actual buyers, we will buy your property as it is and give you a price that matches its value.

    We’ve also made real estate sales quick. Of course, the speed of the transaction depends on you, as we ensure that closings occur at the earliest convenience of our clients. However, the expected duration for closing a sale after accepting our offer is seven days.


    How do we purchase houses?

    Our home-buying procedure is effortless. We’ll present you with an offer, complete the paperwork, and close the sale in three easy steps. You’ve come to the right place if you’re wondering how we can finish a sale in three steps. We’ll walk you through the solutions to every query you might have regarding how we work in the paragraphs that follow.

    Here are some FAQs

    Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.


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    What steps comprise our property buying process?

    Our purchasing process is easy, and we’ve made learning about it even simpler. Take a peek at a breakdown of our purchasing process.

    Our home purchasing procedure is that easy!

    sell your house the easy and simple way. Sell with tenants or squatters. cash for keys

    What info is essential to sell your home?

    Our team consists of professionals skilled at presenting appealing real estate offers. We know how much you value the home and that money will never replace memories. Thus, we’ll try our best to make sure that the offer we make to you is appropriate for your property. To accomplish this, we must comprehend your specific situation.

    What formula helps you determine your offers?

    You probably want to know how much money you’ll get when you sell your house, just like a majority of homeowners. Or, even better, you’d like to know how real estate investors, or more specifically, how we come up with our cash offers. You don’t need to worry any longer, though. We’re going to disclose our recipe to you.

    Our Home Buying Formula

    There are four parts to our formula, each of which represents a crucial property factor. We’ll look at each part of the formula separately to better understand it. But let’s first look at the formula as a whole:



    A property’s optimum value after repairs is known as the After Repair Value. And it is believed that a property is at optimum market value when it is at its best. In other words, the property is in a condition that doesn’t call for repairs, delayed maintenance, or excessive upkeep. In this condition, the house is every buyer’s dream acquisition.


    The kind of repairs that a building needs are somewhat controversial. Some consumers may not consider some items to be flawed. Others consider even slight defects to be faults. Simply put, we just want to ensure that we don’t start finding problems after buying a house because that will only lead to a sharp decline in our earnings. Additionally, if the eventual damage turns out to be serious, such as structural problems or a significant plumbing issue, repairing it would drain our finances, and we may not end up profiting from that sale. Therefore, we put time and effort into our inspections to make sure that, before making our offers, we account for all flaws and the expense of fixing them. In addition, we occasionally include a few “maybes” in our bids as a precautionary step to account for repair work that has not yet been identified.


    It’s common to spend a lot of money during a transaction, especially a sale. And there are several types of charges. First, there are financing fees, which account for 2 to 5 percent of the project’s total cost. After that, one must pay realtor fees, monthly interest, and loan origination expenses. Finally, transaction fees typically account for 15% of the total cost.


    The term “minimum profit” relates to our profit margin. We owe it to our families, our businesses, and ourselves to be profitable, but at the same time, we also want to make sure that our clients receive a fair price. Our profit margin has been established at 15% as a result. This margin aids in maintaining pricing stability and enables us to address repair requirements that weren’t discovered during an inspection. Our profit margin is consistent across most transactions. However, when working with hoarder houses, we prefer to give conservative estimates because it is difficult to predict the cost of repairs correctly.


    When our transaction expenses and minimal profit are added up, the gap between the two is frequently 30%. As a result, our simple formula for calculating a cash offer is ARV – 30% – Repairs. We precisely calculate our price offers using this formula. Therefore, you may trust us when we claim that we never charge our consumers a surprise fee. Instead, we keep track of every expense, cover it ourselves, and issue you a check for the entire amount.


    Please take a moment to evaluate our offer for your house…

    What property details do we take into account
    when making cash offerings?

    How long does it take to complete the process?

    We have no problem with quick closings. Therefore, following your acceptance of our offer, we’ll commit efforts toward closing fast. To ensure that we achieve this, we anticipate obstacles and address them quickly.

    Our team will get to work on your transaction as soon as you accept our offer. We will gather all the data and records needed by the local title company to verify the sale. This data includes the purchase agreement and the EMD (Earned Money Deposit). Additionally, we will handle any problems we run into in a proactive manner.

    The title company will carefully inspect the title to ensure it is transferable. Before we finish the documentation, we will let you know if we find any title flaws, and we will work together to fix them. In the interim, we will concentrate on processing payments and inspecting. Please be aware that sometimes we conduct inspections alongside our partners and contractors.

    You’re soon to receive a fair price for your property. The closing typically lasts seven days, but if you need extra time to transfer your belongings out of the property or a slower closing, we can delay the closing until the most convenient time. The closing, though, can take 10 to 28 days if there are title issues or other encumbrances.

    If you are interested in getting your free offer, please contact us today!